Radar Love Records is thrilled to announce MIKE JB SKY’s 4th single “Lonewolf”.

RLR’s own Writer / Producer Michael Hanson went into the fall of 2016 with a purpose in mind for artist Mike JB Sky – which was to write “the big one”… something that was unforgettable.

Hanson says “I came upon the idea – the seed for the song – when I pulled up alongside Mike JB’s car and he was blasting a cool contemporary rock track that had a heavy 4-on-the-floor beat that really knocked me out.”

“I was inspired by the danceability factor .. so I came up with the “Lonewolf” Chorus for some reason the moment that I got in my driveway – and then the verses, which Mike JB then jumped in to complete lyrically with me later that month.”

The end result from Hanson and JB Sky was a heavy duty track with great guitar riffs and anthem melodies. Lyrically the Lonewolf theme is a mirror image of how Mike JB Sky is portrayed .. “A Red Moon Rising in a Long Black Coat” says it all … pretty cool” notes Hanson.

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