Radar Love Record’s ties to upcoming Canadian company ‘TENFED’ are for real!

Music Producer Michael Hanson (original drummer from “Glass Tiger”) and popular Canadian actor Ana Golja (“Zoey” from Degrassi, co-star with John Travolta in “Moose” (currently in post) are now teaming up to create the new theme song for “TENFED” (www.tenfed.com – a Canadian clothing line company which feeds ten children for every item sold ).
The song, called “A Thousand Whispers” was written by the pair and is currently in production at Radar Love Records studios  (www.radarlovertecords.com) with Ana Golja doing lead vocals on the new track.
Hanson states “it’s for a great charity … we’re doing our best to bring this song into the light on their behalf in the fight against hunger, and ultimately lead people to their website where we can all join in to be even a small part of the solution.”
Watch for the song in August 2018 !

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