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“Poison Rose” by Rebecca Lappa

“Poison Rose” is the debut release from Edmonton’s new, young power-vocalist Rebecca Lappa. Signed to Indie Label Radar Love Records, RLR Producer Michael Hanson along with Lappa created a power rock/dance song ridden with unforgettable melodic hooks. Lappa forged a very cerebral lyric which is popping with loads of fabulous imagery … all based on love’s explosiveness and the imminent dangers from a “femme fatale” who will always let you go in the end. An outstanding debut with heavy rock guitars pounding on a driving beat – a hint of Kelly Clarkson but much more. One of the finest vocal performances on a debut single one could imagine. “POISON ROSE” dropping on November 9, 2018!

“The Girl That Love Forgot” by Michael Hanson

On the heels of one of the more highly regarded YouTube cover performances of Leonard Cohen’s famous “Hallelujah” … Michael Hanson now raises the bar once again – this time for pure originality – on his new outstanding debut single “The Girl That Love Forgot” . This track was written, Produced and performed by the 5 Time Juno Award winner and ex-Glass Tiger Drummer … and has been called by many as “simply stunning”. A Beatle-like, haunting ballad cut from the same cloth as “She’s Leaving Home”, Canadian hockey-player-turned-artist Hanson even sometimes resembles a latter day ‘Beatle Paul’ in his classic hook-ridden melody work (and even sometimes in his physical mannerisms while performing!). With eclectic chord changes that are drop dead outta-this-world, this beautiful acoustic, organic track speaks of a young girl haunted by loneliness. Meant as a veiled lyrical perspective on Mental Health issues in young females (a trend noticed by Hanson in the last 10 years and now a tribute to his cousin Jackie Brunck who committed suicide in 2017) this piece is pure art – and looks to potentially be the pinnacle in the latter part of Hanson’s long career.

Radar Love Record’s ties to upcoming Canadian company ‘TENFED’ are for real!

Music Producer Michael Hanson (original drummer from “Glass Tiger”) and popular Canadian actor Ana Golja (“Zoey” from Degrassi, co-star with John Travolta in “Moose” (currently in post) are now teaming up to create the new theme song for “TENFED” ( – a Canadian clothing line company which feeds ten children for every item sold ).
The song, called “A Thousand Whispers” was written by the pair and is currently in production at Radar Love Records studios  ( with Ana Golja doing lead vocals on the new track.
Hanson states “it’s for a great charity … we’re doing our best to bring this song into the light on their behalf in the fight against hunger, and ultimately lead people to their website where we can all join in to be even a small part of the solution.”
Watch for the song in August 2018 !
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