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Mike JB Sky

Mike JB Sky is one of Canada’s few fastest rising Heavy Rock performers.
After a near-deadly car accident some years ago Mike JB had ahead of him a long, almost impossible battle to ever be able to play the guitar again. Skip now ahead 4 years from that tragedy… An heroic fight to reconnect with his original music has seen him go from the wheelchair into the shining lights of the rock stage with great passion, pride, talent … and a one-of-a-kind voice.
Radar Love Records quickly signed Mike JB Sky in 2016, and released his first 5-song LP “Girl’s Night Out”, produced by 5-time Juno Award winner Michael Hanson. From this EP came the debut single “Girl’s night Out” followed by “Against The Grain” (with video) and rock anthem “State Side USA (with video)”. Mike JB came in at #11 on Montreal’s Top Indie Bands of 2016, and went on to play non-stop, high energy live shows across Canada … culminating in June 2017 when he graced the cover of Steel Notes Magazine.  In 2018, the band’s heavy driving single “LONEWOLF” clearly made a big impact with the fans and laid a strong foundation on which Canada awaits his best yet!
Mike Jb Sky is the stuff of true rock stars .. a hard core believer in what real heavy rock represents, and an artist who walks the walk (spelling it out in the auto-biographical Lonewolf lyric, proclaiming ” I don’t Say It .. I Do It ! “).
Follow Mike JB Sky on Social Media, and get on board the band’s new Retro-Rock journey with a performer who makes Canada proud as it’s newest rock n roll son …… a star to be reckoned with.
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