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Mike JB Sky

“STATESIDE USA” here we come! RADAR LOVE RECORDS 2016 signing of retro rock band MIKE JB SKY has been one of great expectations, and the highly anticipated 4th release, STATESIDE USA has been reviewed as “a gripping rock anthem of Def Leppard-like power and memorability!” RELEASE DATE: March 2017.

Mike JB Sky is becoming one of the hottest live tickets going, and we’re proud to say that the heavy rock band wrapped up 2016 at #11 on Montreal’s top ten Indie Rock Bands of 2016. They’ll be featured on the cover of the March Edition of Steele Note Magazine and will be continue to rock the Toronto club scene as well as a highly anticipated show at the Piranha Club in Montreal on March 8.

Check out their EP “Girls Night Out” on iTunes now, and get your vocal chords wound up and ready to sing and let your hair down with “Stateside USA” (Itunes in March).

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