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We are proud to announce the signing of Toronto singer / songwriter Kylie Alora to Radar Love Records as the label’s premiere female pop vocal artist for 2017/2018.

Although barely out of her teens, Kylie has been steadily establishing a presence within the Canadian entertainment scene over the past several years. After working with Toronto rapper iSH and his team at Warner Music, Kylie went out on her own in 2014, developing her distinctive approach to pop—one that combines unforgettable hooks with an authentic and positive message. As an artist with pure talent and a tireless drive to make a difference in the lives of her audience, Kylie is set to make a lasting impact on the Canadian music scene and beyond.

Hanson says “this young lady is going to be a star. She’s been sought after by a number of companies, and we’re thrilled to have her finally! She has the vocal moves of an Aguilera (Christina) and can write world class music. We’re so very proud to have her on our label, looking towards her late August debut National release “Ain’t Gonna Put Up A Fight” with great anticipation”.

Kylie has already made some great marks in her rising fame including CNE Rising Star Competition in 2014 and RBC Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Finalist 2015.  Kylie co-wrote and performed the theme song for the movie “The Masked Saint (Theatrical Release 2016) with Canadian Legendary writer Marc Jordan.

Currently Kylie is creating her first EP to go along with that, and is touring with the performance group “Really Big World”.

Kylie Alora – Holding On To You

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