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Victoria Raims

Radar Love Record’s co-owner Michael Kensit first discovered the vocal talents of a friend’s daughter … an 11 year old Portuguese Toronto student named Victoria Raimundo. Kensit soon suggested bringing her into the RLR studios to meet with Producer Michael Hanson.

A big fan of Ariana Grande, at only 12 years old young Victoria “Raims” (recently re-named by Hanson for ease of pronunciation) is now a rising young phenom with the vocal prowess of a young Christine Aguilera starting her long journey towards stardom.

In the earlier years Victoria joined the school choir in grade 2 and started to perform at school and church events.

She went on to become a finalist twice at the Long & McQuade singing contest in Toronto and was also a finalist at Hidden Talent and in July 2017, as well as a top five winner on “Mississauga Idol”.

Hanson states “I’m sure there a few 12 year old kids scattered around the globe who can sing with these kinds of insane chops – but I’ve never had one in MY studio before.  The speed, complexity and quality of her natural vocal acrobatics are off the hook. I was – and am still – absolutely knocked out. And this is just the beginning…. the tip of the iceberg.”

Hanson now continues to pen dance pop gems for Victoria as they surge forward in the studio … and ultimately out and onward to the world.

Young Victoria Raims is now available on all of the usual Social Media Sources and Distributed globally with Radar Love Records.

Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa is an award winning singer songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. This Canadian Folk Music Awards and Edmonton Music Awards winner writes original music that showcases her powerful vocals, storytelling, and thought provoking lyrics. With her pure voice, red hair and red guitar, she brings fire to every performance. Her songs crackle with originality, blaze with passion and glow with honest emotions
Signing with Radar Love Records, founded by Glass Tiger’s Michael Hanson, big changes and new directions are underway in Rebecca Lappa’s music. Still delivering honest, direct and powerful songs from the heart, Lappa’s music will be infused with 4 on the floor beats that will bring her audience to their feet, in a celebration of life, love and self discovery. Compared to Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovatto, Rebecca Lappa displays rare star quality and is ready to let her light shine and empower young women through her passionate music and authentic delivery. Produced by Michael Hanson, her new songs, will tie in Lappa’s story telling strengths from her folk writing days while infusing a pop-rock attitude and delivery.

Mike JB Sky

Mike JB Sky is one of Canada’s few fastest rising Heavy Rock performers.
After a near-deadly car accident some years ago Mike JB had ahead of him a long, almost impossible battle to ever be able to play the guitar again. Skip now ahead 4 years from that tragedy… An heroic fight to reconnect with his original music has seen him go from the wheelchair into the shining lights of the rock stage with great passion, pride, talent … and a one-of-a-kind voice.
Radar Love Records quickly signed Mike JB Sky in 2016, and released his first 5-song LP “Girl’s Night Out”, produced by 5-time Juno Award winner Michael Hanson. From this EP came the debut single “Girl’s night Out” followed by “Against The Grain” (with video) and rock anthem “State Side USA (with video)”. Mike JB came in at #11 on Montreal’s Top Indie Bands of 2016, and went on to play non-stop, high energy live shows across Canada … culminating in June 2017 when he graced the cover of Steel Notes Magazine.  In 2018, the band’s heavy driving single “LONEWOLF” clearly made a big impact with the fans and laid a strong foundation on which Canada awaits his best yet!
Mike Jb Sky is the stuff of true rock stars .. a hard core believer in what real heavy rock represents, and an artist who walks the walk (spelling it out in the auto-biographical Lonewolf lyric, proclaiming ” I don’t Say It .. I Do It ! “).
Follow Mike JB Sky on Social Media, and get on board the band’s new Retro-Rock journey with a performer who makes Canada proud as it’s newest rock n roll son …… a star to be reckoned with.

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson was the original drummer, founder and a pivotal member of iconic Canadian Music Superstars GLASS TIGER.

With Five JUNO AWARDS, a GRAMMY NOMINATION and gold & multi-platinum sales worldwide, he is now one of Canada’s brightest songwriter/producers having written & recorded with the likes of John Bettis (Madonna, Pointer Sisters), Brad Buxer (Michael Jackson), Susan Pomerantz (Cher, Chicago) to name a few and has toured alongside Tina Turner, The Moody Blues and Journey – later becoming a staff songwriter (obtaining GOLD status) for Warner/Chappell Canada and now a successful independent Producer with his own studio in Mississauga, ON.

Writing & Producing new songs for established artists as well as extraordinary new young singers, Michael is also now creating an industry buzz writing and recording cutting-edge JINGLES and hosts the first company ever to use only young, talented CANADIAN ARTISTS to perform these original Television Jingles.


Car Trouble

RLR would like to announce it’s latest signing of Toronto Indie Rock band CAR TROUBLE, the first signing of an artist for 2017.

Lead singer Layton Thomas (vocals, guitars), Lu Valiente (Bass) and ‘Fatsound’ Clarke (Drums) make up the new Indie trio. The debut single “NOIR” is scheduled to debut just prior to Spring 2017 from their EP entitled “Forethoughts”. RLR owner Michael Hanson has described their original music as “a creative, clever original sound with imaginative chord workings and a uniquely sincere vocal delivery from singer Thomas. The band should appeal strongly to the Canadian Indie audience.”

Kylie Alora


We are proud to announce the signing of Toronto singer / songwriter Kylie Alora to Radar Love Records as the label’s premiere female pop vocal artist. “We’re so very proud to have her on our label, looking towards her late August debut National release “Ain’t Gonna Put Up A Fight” with great anticipation”.

Although barely out of her teens, Kylie has been steadily establishing a presence within the Canadian entertainment scene over the past several years. After working with Toronto rapper iSH and his team at Warner Music, Kylie went out on her own in 2014, developing her distinctive approach to pop—one that combines unforgettable hooks with an authentic and positive message. As an artist with pure talent and a tireless drive to make a difference in the lives of her audience, Kylie is set to make a lasting impact on the Canadian music scene and beyond.

Hanson says “this young lady is going to be a star. She’s been sought after by a number of companies, and we’re thrilled to have her finally! She has the vocal moves of an Aguilera (Christina) and can write world class music. We’re so very proud to have her on our label, looking towards her late August debut National release “Ain’t Gonna Put Up A Fight” with great anticipation”.

Kylie has already made some great marks in her rising fame including CNE Rising Star Competition in 2014 and RBC Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Finalist 2015.  Kylie co-wrote and performed the theme song for the movie “The Masked Saint (Theatrical Release 2016) with Canadian Legendary writer Marc Jordan.

Currently Kylie is creating her first EP to go along with that, and is touring with the performance group “Really Big World”.

Kylie Alora – Holding On To You

Mason Greer

After years of musical theatre and intense vocal training, 16 year old Mason Greer  became renowned as the “little anthem singer” for the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs. In attendance of one of his anthem performances was a close friend of 5-time Juno award winner & Music Producer Michael Hanson. Hanson watched the videos – and quickly jumped at the opportunity to take Mason under his wing and feature him as one of the premier Pop artists for his nascent record label Radar Love Records. After a CTV special aired on Mason, the two entered the studio and composed their debut single “VOWS”. Young, small-statured but with a voice like a mountain, Hanson says “Mason’s got that beautiful pure sustain that a Michael Buble-style artist has, but with a young pop flare, and unique tonal quality.”  As Mason crossed over to pop/country in early 2018, the journey opened up even more. Brace yourself for the maturation of Mason Greer’s vocal prowess and join him to venture into great new musical horizons!
Check out Mason Greer on Social Media!

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